Using Roof Boxes for Sports Equipment

Transporting sport equipment may at times present several challenges. Some of the equipment may not necessary fit well into the car boot hence the need to use car roofs to transport them. This may also have its own advantages or disadvantages depending on the state or country.


It is necessary to find out if it will contravene any traffic laws. This will prevent penalties that may arise from use of such methods to transport the sport equipment. In some countries, it is illegal to use car roofs to transport any form of equipment. However, some states may allow it under the condition that you acquire a permit beforehand. If you are not sure whether your country approves of this, it is wise to inquire or search for the information on the internet.


Some equipment is fragile and may thus require to be handled with care. All equipment being carried on the car roof boxes should be properly fastened to keep it in place during the journey. This also prevents causing unnecessary accidents which increases your level of liability. The equipment on transport should also be able to retain their shape, structure or any other property. In short, ensure the items being transported will not be altered by use of car roof boxes.

Loading and offloading

Some vehicles have roof boxes that open up on all sides to enhance ease of loading and offloading. This is especially use when there is heavy equipment to be loaded or offloaded. Other vehicles will only open on a specific side. If you do not have your own car, it is wise to consider this while hiring one for the transport.


Some vehicles come with boxes that are already fitted while others require fitting upon demand. The size of the box may thus be adjustable depending on the vehicle. This makes it possible to box with respect to the width or amount of load available.

Advantages of using car roof boxes

It gives you wider space for the transport of equipment that is wide or has a greater length. Besides this, there is more space for transport of the equipment if you do not have a large vehicle. This may save you the agony of having to make very many trips to and from the supplier's premises which in effect saves you fuel and money. There are also times when there are passengers and thus there is limited space. In such situations, the car roof comes in handy.

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The major disadvantage involves safety of the equipment and other road users. Sometimes, the equipment may not fit well and thus protrude from the car side. This may cause accidents if care is not taken. This method is also not applicable to all forms of equipment. Depending on the state, there may be a restriction on the equipment that may be transported using this mode. The type of car may also have restrictions on the maximum amount of load that can be transported from the roof.

The use of car roofs as a means of transporting sports equipment is not a new phenomenon. However, it will require caution and a lot of due diligence to make it a success. If you are new to this idea, it is wise to find out more information about it before you find yourself in a contravening situation.