5KHz Heart Rate Monitor
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  • Instant charger on the go for portable device like mobile phone, smartphone, MP3, PMP, PND, GPS, DV, game device, etc.
  • Easily found AA alkaline battery for input replacement.


Technical Specification

  • For use with two AA size primary “alkaline” battery in serial as input.
  • For use with one-cell Li-ion powered portable device as charging output.
  • Automatic startup upon connection to portable device.
  • Automatic shutdown when no current drawn at output.
  • Automatic shutdown when input battery is depleted, which 2 batteries in series voltage drops below 2.5V.
  • Up to 84% efficiency.
  • Open-circuit voltage 5.05~5.3V.
  • Output current depends on input battery voltage and output voltage. Max output current 500mA.
  • Disconnection of output as temperature rises above 53 ±4°C.
  • LED blinks when charges portable device (in current control mode, transfer energy from side to side). LED turns off as output disconnects with portable device (in burst control mode). There is 10~11 LED blink delay from charging to disconnection.
  • USB type A connector as charging interface with portable device.
  • Maximum ratings : Max input battery voltage, 3.8V. Max output voltage,5V.
  • Charger dimension: 68× 63× 25(L×W×H) in mm.
  • Weight: 45g (without batteries.
  • Material composition of plastic housing : ABS.
  • Storage temperature range, -30 °C ~ +70 °C.
  • Operation temperature range, -10 °C ~ +48 °C.
  • Compliance Test : CE, FCC, VCCI, BSMI, RoHS.
  • Recommend battery : Energizer Lithium L91.

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