Types of Bike Rack

Most bike enthusiasts often transport their bikes on their vehicles to or from a trail. The problem for such individuals is that they normally find it difficult to pick the best bike rack for their vehicles. Most bike racks are normally fitted at the rear, on a hitch, on the pick up bed or on a trailer. However, bike rack for roof bars is the best option since it comes in many forms.

Types of Bike Rack

There are different types of racks that are meant to fasten your bike firmly in position. The three best types include the fork-mounted, wheel-mounted and frame-mounted roof racks. In a fork-mounted type, the front wheel has to be removed to create space. With the wheel-mounted type, the front wheel is not removed it's fastened on a clamp. As for the third type, straps and cables are used to secure the frame of the bike.

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Picking the Right Rack

Having known the different types of roof racks, there are factors that will help you identify the best kind of rack for the roof crossbar. They include

- Your Specific Needs A rack should fit your lifestyle. How frequently you use you need to transport your bike as well as the ease of using it, the availability of storage space and whether the rack can accommodate other accessories for other sporting gear. The distance to be covered during transportation is crucial since you may want a durable type.

- Size The number of bikes the rack can carry should be considered. You may be going on a trail with your spouse or kids hence you may need a bigger rack. It should also be able to accommodate rare types of bikes which have tandem or a different frame shape. This should not be a big issue since most bikes can fit into all types of roof racks.

- Availability of Crossbars Some vehicles come with fixed crossbars while others do not. Before buying a roof rack, check to see that it has its own crossbar if your vehicle does not have one. Another factor to consider is the weight capacity it can support. You do not want a heavy bike supported by a small capacity crossbar.

- Security The ideal rack should be safe to leave your bike on and take a walk without having worries of theft. Locks should be available so that you can secure your possession.

- Cost The price of the rack matters a lot hence consider affordability when comparing bike racks. You should not buy cheap ones since they may only last a short period of time due to their poor quality. Roof racks are more expensive than hitch or rear-mounted types. This is due to their flexibility and versatility.

Benefits of Roof-Mounted Racks

Roof-mounted racks offer a lot of benefits as compared other types of mounting techniques. For one, they have the ability to carry more bikes than the hitch or rear-mounted types. It is also very convenient since it can accommodate other sporting gear. Be sure to test how your bike behaves when mounted before driving away.